Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What is the new divide ?

As we progress

Post AV and post local and national elections, I feel ( and this is a personal feeling) that the real division that is emerging in politics is not so much a left right issue, but more a centralist Vs federalist issue.

We all know about the SNP and the positive ( and radical ) campaign and also in the last 24 hours Sinn Fein (and the DUP) have increased their votes in local council elections (and in the NI assembly) and the other parties has floundered. Is the issue now that the people are more concerned that they have no real imput into politics and feel disenfranchised ? is this a reflection that the union is too remote and dare I say it uninterested in the affairs of the Celtic fringes.

Everything out of Westminster has been reactive not proactive ! Unionism can only continue as devolutionist unionism, and not as a centralist unionism. I feel this is a critical point. Most unionist parties are default centralist parties and totally fail to engage in the fact that we have devolved nations in the UK. The Scottish Labour party campaign focused on UK issues not Scottish issues.

Until this is resolved I predict ( and it remains to be seen) that the unionist parties will decline until they start to realise that the game has shifted and adapt to it.

However its all speculation,

We live in interesting times.

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