Thursday, 13 August 2009

Radical Reforms and the Constitutional Reform Bill – the need for decentralisation

Labour announced its Constitutional Reform Bill in July, the long awaited bill tabled by Jack Straw has turned out it seems to be just business as usual and a not much more than a timid tweaking of the fringes of the issues that need addressing.

After the expenses scandal causing so much damage to British politics and public trust in the system, this chance to change the flow of corruption and the iron grip of the Westminster village has been sadly squandered.

Where are the strong willed left-wing firebrands when you need one ?

If Westminster is serious about cleaning up politics it needs to decentralise, and remove the Quangos. Its not rocket science but it does involve trying to wrestle back the power from those who have become addicted to it.

So my though for the day is that :

Decentralised politics is the only solution to a more transparent political system.


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